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Joint Statement by NAEC “Energoatom” and Westinghouse Electric Company

NAEC “Energoatom” and Westinghouse Electric urge the media to avoid republishing unverified information from Russian sources regarding the usage of Westinghouse nuclear fuel at Ukrainian nuclear power plants (NPPs).

The recent mass dissemination of untruthful publications regarding emergency stops of power units at Ukrainian NPPs suggest that this is yet another coordinated information attack against Ukraine’s nuclear energy industry, as well as Ukraine as a whole.  Such falsifications have taken place in the past, of which Energoatom informed the media and the public. This resulted in the media seeking information about the Ukrainian nuclear industry from the companies involved. Unfortunately, outside of Ukraine there are still media sources that continue to relay news about Ukrainian NPPs from unverified sources.

One of the sources of continued misinformation is the online publication “Oriental Review”, which indicates an affiliation with Moscow in its profile. The publication’s article titled “Prepare for a New Chornobyl in Ukraine” is fabricated from start to finish and contains no truthful information, with the exception of the names of companies and organizations.

Nuclear generation as the foundation of Ukraine’s energy system has been one of the primary targets for information terrorists working in the interests of Russian propaganda. After all, thanks to the diversification program for nuclear fuel supplies to Ukrainian NPPs, successfully implemented through joint efforts by Energoatom and Westinghouse Electric, Ukraine has dramatically reinforced its energy security. Energoatom managed to break from dependence on a single supplier of fuel assemblies – the Russian TVEL company.

As for TBC-WR produced by Westinghouse, in July 2017, the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine, in view of positive results of state examination of nuclear and radiation safety, permitted the loading of Westinghouse fuel to Zaporizhia NPP power units. The respective decision for the South Ukraine NPP had been taken earlier. Westinghouse fuel is used at Ukrainian NPPs also based on independent regulatory analysis of fuel performance. 

We’d like to note that Ukrainian NPPs have demonstrated exemplary compliance with nuclear and radiation safety as well as other international standards set by the IAEA. Ukraine is the only country in the world to undergo an exclusive inspection as part of the special international project, “Ukraine – European Commission – IAEA”, per the EU-Ukraine Memorandum of Understanding on a strategic energy partnership. With the help of IAEA experts as well as nuclear safety experts from over 30 countries, all power units at Ukrainian NPPs underwent an unprecedented inspection by 15 OSART missions to check their compliance with IAEA safety standards (NSR-1). The inspection produced positive conclusions on compliance of Ukraine’s power units with IAEA standards.

Therefore, we urge European media to resist provocations by Russian propaganda, and encourage reporters to confer with the companies before publishing.


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